Have you heard of Nworld products and do not know where to buy Nlighten Cosmetics ?. Finally, the online store is here and we send promptly with bring when items are in stock. When goods are out of stock, it usually takes 4 days before goods are available and from 1 - 2 days shipping local and 3 - 7 days shipping in the Nordic countries. You can pre-order all sold out items, and when it re-stock - you will be the first we ship too. So what are you waiting for, buy Nlighten Online Now !.


Nworld brings the best because it's the best

Nlighten Beauty is a Corporation always committed to providing premium quality and world-class products. We exclusively distribute the NLighten Cosmetics product line that were developed, formulated and manufactured in Korea. As well as the NHance Food Supplements and the newest product lines, NChant and NBody. We offer hassle-free and very transparent transaction from payment to delivery. You can order through your phone or through your PC. And rest assured, you would get the NLighten and NHance Products at your nearest post office. We also offer you to become seller of our products. For people who are interested to sell NLighten and NHance Products, contact us or leave your details at https://nlightenbeauty.no

We accept Paypal, Master, Visa Card and Vipps. See checkout for payment and shipping options.


We need more sellers in Nordic countries and in EU, and we offer discounts on online merchant account. Which means you sell for full price and keep the discount as commission, and after you have registered order and paid money through your merchant account. Then the order will be packed the same day and we will send it with Bring to your customer. If this sounds interesting, you can register an account and send us an email. Then your account will be upgraded and you can start earning money from first sale to your first customer. No starting capital is required and you can sell anywhere in the whole Nordic region and in EU. PS !. We also deliver to the rest of the world.. 


We ship anywhere around the globe.
Local and international.


1 to 2 Days Delivery Local and
3 to 7 Days in Nordic with Bring.


Accepts Paypal, Vipps
Visa / Mastercard.